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Norman de Brackinghe

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Zhongshan (2011)

Norman de Brackinghe

Limited edition of 10
Archival Digital Print
37cm x 49.5 cm
Norman de Brackinghe

Based in Hong Kong since 1976, Norman de Brackinghe has over thirty years experience in the graphic arts and design fields. Although he started off exhibiting watercolour landscapes, de Brackinghe finds parallels in abstract art with the jazz that he enjoys – the same elements of improvisation and surprise, which he expresses through his photography.


de Brackhinghe observes the process of decay and deformation, photographing streets and walls and transforms the photography of visual accidents on derelict walls into a blaze of colour and pattern. His work depicts urban fabric, its often inconspicuous and overlooked features and its vibrant living spirit – this is the environment that we see every day but never actually notice as we go about our busy and distracted lives.




Stock No: NB138