How can I buy online from Picture This?
We offer several options for ordering:

  • Through our online Shopping Cart

  • Via email at

  • By telephoning us on 07925 178151 within the UK or +44 7925 178151 from overseas during regular UK business hours from Monday to Saturday, 9am - 6pm.
Does Picture This ship overseas?

Picture This will ship to almost any destination worldwide. Depending on the destination we may use the Post Office or a courier service such as DPD or UPS. Should you wish us to use a specific alternative such as Fedex we will be pleased to quote you for any additional cost.

What payment methods can I use?

For online shopping via our Shopping Cart service, we accept payment by VISA, Mastercard, Maestro or JCB via Worldpay. Payment can also be made via Paypal.

Payment can be processed over the phone or via email with a credit card.

Alternatively and particularly for larger purchases we can provide you with our bank account details for a direct transfer or telegraphic transfer.

What is the availability of the items I see online at Picture This?

Much of our Fine Photography collection is numbered limited editions which are exclusive to Picture This Gallery.

Some of the products we sell, including our antiquarian books, maps, and original posters, are unique items and we do not normally have multiples. We try our best to update the website regularly so that items which have been sold are removed or labelled as such. However, we cannot guarantee that all items you view on our website are still available when you place an order. If the item in which you are interested is not available, we will email you and try to suggest alternatives.  Picture This will always contact you within 48 hours of receiving your order to confirm availability of your purchased items.

What methods do you use for shipping?

Picture This normally ships internationally using the Post Office Tracked and Signed service or a courier service (such as DPD or UPS) which will also be tracked and need to be signed for at the time of delivery. With this shipping option we
will provide clients with a tracking number for the delivery
status. Parcels shipped in this way will require signature upon
receipt, and will usually require around 7-14 days for delivery. Please
note however that this is not insured and if you require insurance you
should note this in the special instructions when checking out. We will
not be responsible for any uninsured mail which is lost or damaged in

Picture This can also ship via Fedex on request and we will quote for any additional cost for this service. For clients who would
like to use their own personal or corporate courier account, please
simply provide us with your account details and we will ship this way. 

What do you charge for shipping?

We will charge for postage and packaging. If insurance is required please leave us a comment in the Special Instructions box when you are checking out via the website shopping cart, and we will be in touch with a quotation.

How do you pack for shipping?
The nature of the items we sell means that many of our products require
special care and attention when packaging for shipment. Our staff are
experienced in packing items and will ensure all parcels are packed to
a very high standard.

We recommend and prefer to ship posters,
engravings, maps, bonds, and most photography in strong cardboard
tubes. For certain items which are printed on thicker paper or cardstock and are best not rolled, we will ship flat using multiple layers of rigid corrugated
cardboard. Books will be safely boxed for shipping.

If your order consists of multiple items,
they may need to packed and shipped in two separate parcels (e.g. a book and a poster) and the shipping quote will reflect this.



Picture This is a member of the IVPDA - what is this?
IVPDA is the International Vintage Poster Dealer's Association. Established in 1996 by a group of reputable poster dealers in North
America and Europe, the association was set up with the aim to promote and raise
awareness and appreciation of vintage poster art. The association, today with
over 80 members worldwide, provides strict guidelines to ensure the authenticity
of the posters that their members sell. IVPDA members are poster dealers with
years of experience and expertise who have passed a series of stringent
membership requirements. Poster buyers who choose to purchase from IVPDA members
can therefore be rest assured that the posters they are buying are authentic and
can shop with confidence.

Picture This Gallery has been a member of the IVPDA since
What is Linenbacking?

Linenbacking is a professional archival conservation method used to
preserve vintage posters so that they can be displayed or framed
without compromising their value. Posters are cleaned, deacidified, and
mounted with wheat paste onto acid free paper, which has previously
been adhered to canvas/ linen. This method is reversible, and enables
delicate, historical and antique posters to become more robust for
general handling and framing. Posters which are damaged can be made more
stable through linenbacking, and poster owners may, as required, request for
their posters to be restored at the same time.

Will linenbacking enhance the value of my artwork?
Since professional linenbacking helps to preserve old, delicate and
fragile posters and is a reversible and recognised method for
conservation, it generally enhances the value of posters.


How should I handle and care for photography purchased from Picture This?

To help maintain the quality and longevity of your photographs, we recommend the following:

  • Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid fading and drying.

  • When framing, use acid free materials and UV glass or UV Perspex.

  • Avoid touching the surface of the printed area by handling your photograph by the edges.

  • If unframed, keep rolled in a wide tube or flat between acid free materials.

What is an Archival Pigment Print?

Archival pigment print is another term for "giclee print" and connotes
an elevation in printmaking technology. Images are generated from high
resolution digital scans and printed with archival quality inks onto
fine art paper. This method provides better colour accuracy than other
means of printing and is generally less prone to fading when compared
with traditional methods for photographic printing such as Chromogenic
Colour prints on photo paper.

What is Facemounting?

Facemounting is a contemporary framing method where a photographic print is adhered to a sheet of aluminium at the back, and plexiglass at the front, creating a sandwich effect. Facemounted photographs achieve an incredibly clear and vivid effect, working
especially well for images with bright and bold colours. Facemounted photographs from Picture This are normally ready-coated with U/V protection to protect against fading. Please feel free to contact us directly if you would like more information about the facemounting process.


How should I keep my book collection?

A general rule is that books survive best in an environment in which we
too feel comfortable. In other words antique books should be maintained
at room temperature and in a place which is neither too humid nor dry.
Books should also be kept out of direct sunlight or other UV light sources to prevent fading and
drying. If you are worried about particularly fragile/ important books,
you may want to consider placing them inside an air tight container.

Do you have/ source books which are not listed on your website?

We acquire new books on a weekly basis and have only a selection of our
book stock listed on the website. If you have specific requests for
titles or would like us to try and help source books on your behalf,
please feel free to contact us.

We also have a book mailing list
which is sent electronically to our book collector clients four to six
times per annum. These lists contain new and interesting titles which
we have recently acquired. Should you wish to be added to this mailing
list, please write to us at and state
that you would like to be added to the book distribution list.

I have some second hand books I want to sell - does Picture This purchase books from clients?

Yes - we purchase books (from single volumes to whole libraries) and
are very happy to review any titles which you may want to sell.
Initially in order for us to assess whether your books may be of
interest, please send us an email with book details including title,
author, edition details, and condition. If you are based in the United Kingdom
then we can arrange a mutually convenient time for viewing.




Are the Maps you sell genuinely antique?

Picture This Gallery sells original antiquarian maps, most of which were
produced from the late 16th Century to the end of the 19th Century.
These maps with a few exceptions are either copper or steel engravings
and were published at or around the time indicated on the label or
website. We are pleased to provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon
request for any map we sell.

How do you determine the value of an antique map?

Some antique maps are extremely rare and desirable, others less so. The following factors are the major contributors to determining value:

  • Scarcity - some maps are very rare and sought after.

  • Condition - a most important factor in determining value.

  • Mapmaker - some cartographers or map-makers are more collectible and were fine craftsmen producing highly elaborate and beautiful maps.

  • Country or Region of the map - some parts of the world are more collected than others. Two otherwise identical maps (same mapmaker, same condition, equally rare) of different parts of the world can vary widely in price. Desirable regions would include China, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Australia, Korea, Taiwan, and the USA and parts thereof.

  • General appearance - attractive, decorative, beautifully engraved maps having good and well applied original colouring or in the original uncoloured state will be more sought-after.


Is your e-commerce platform secure?

The Picture This website offers a secure platform for clients - any personal details is transmitted to us via a secure server. Online credit card transactions are made via Worldpay - you will be routed to the Worldpay payment platform from our shopping cart and Picture This does not see or receive your credit card details.

Alternatively, clients may telephone us on (+44) 7925 178151 to place an order over the phone if you are at all concerned.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Picture This respects your privacy and will not sell or give away any personal information, including in particular email addresses, collected via our website or by any other means. The full details of our privacy policy and terms and conditions of trading can be found at this link: