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Munetsugu Satomi (1904-1996)

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Orient Calls - Oriental Tourist Conference (1937)

Munetsugu Satomi (1904-1996)

Printed by Toppan Printing Company, Japan
Stone Lithograph with Photo Montage
64cm x 100cm
Grade: A-/B+, Very Good Plus. Linenbacked. Some edge wear and creases restored.

Japanese graphic artist, Munetsugu Satomi was born in Osaka but trained at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and spent most of his working life in France and the US. He was extremely prolific and work for a wide range of clients from Japanese Railways to Shell Oil Company and the Gauloises cigarette company.


This design for the Oriental Tourist Conference is one of his most recognisable and important images. An aeroplane, a passenger liner and a train together with figures and symbols representing the people and countries of Asia, all overlaid on an outline map of the continent.




Orient Calls - Oriental Tourist Conference

Stock No: T4205