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At the Races (1968)

Yau Leung

Open Edition
Archival Pigment Print
12.5" x 14"
Limited Edition of 50
Archival Pigment Print
21.5" x 24"
Yau Leung

Born in Hong Kong in 1941, Yau Leung is considered one of Hong Kong’s most significant and accomplished documentary photographers. In a style deeply reminiscent of his Western contemporaries Henri Cartier-Bresson and Robert Frank, he captured the very essence of the City through his evocative images of its people and streets

In parallel to working as a photographer for studios and editor for photography magazines, Yau Leung continued with his lifelong project photographing Hong Kong until the time of his accidental and untimely death in 1997.


His body of work now forms a most important and fascinating social documentary of the city and people of Hong Kong from the 1960’s to the 1990’s. His photographs are masterpieces of composition and light, the images compelling as they transport us back to the 1960’s, capturing the very soul and essence of Hong Kong.

Yau Leung At the Races, Happy Valley Hong Kong Photograph


At the Races

Stock No: YL239S / YL239L