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The Golden Age of Travel 27 February - 9 March, 2014
Opening Cocktail Party Thursday, 27th February, 6-9pm
Hong Kong’s one and only specialist vintage poster gallery, Picture This, is pleased to present “The Golden Age of Travel”. This exhibition for sale is a celebration of scarce, important and beautiful travel posters promoting destinations worldwide dating from 1930s - 1980s.

Exposition Coloniale Marseille 1922
Leonetto Cappiello

Hong Kong - A Sporting Paradise
Frederich Schiff

Bibby Line - Marseille...Burma
James S. Mann

Dilip Kumar das Gupta

Discover Australia
Eileen Mayo

Lloyd Triestino - Australia
S. Patrone

Messageries Maritimes - Peking

Visit Singapore - The Heart of South-East Asia

Air France - Orient . Extrême Orient (Phoenix)
Lucien Boucher

Air France - Extrême Orient
G. Dumas

Air France - Réseau Aérien Mondial
Lucien Boucher

Sur les Ailes d'Air France
Lucien Boucher

Visit India - Kashmir

Air France - Orient . Extrême Orient
Lucien Boucher

Air France - Extrême Orient
Vincent Guerra

G.S. Fernando

Transatlantique 1855-1955
Paul Colin

Air France - Far East
Guy Georget

TWA Egypt
David Klein

Air France - Amerique du Nord
Jacques Nathan-Garamond

B.O.A.C. - Fly to the Orient

L'Extreme Orient Voyagez Par B.O.A.C. (Dancer)
G.J. Gatsworthy

B.O.A.C. - Fly to Africa & The Middle East

Air India International - India (Asia Art)

Air France - Inde (India)
Bernard Villemot

Saigon - Vietnam National Tourist Office

SNCF L'Aquitaine

Cosmopolitan Singapore

Fly TWA Ireland
S. Greco

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - Amsterdam to Batavia

Tasmania - Mount Wellington and the Port of Hobart
Harry Kelly

Map of Sri Lanka Showing Places of Historical Interest

L'Indochine Française - Tonkin Delta

A Cartograph of the Philippine Islands
Ruth Taylor White

Map of Taiwan Sceneries and Products 台灣風景及物產圖

Republic of Indonesia - Pictorial Map
S. T. M. Young

Air France - Hong Kong

American President Lines - Hong Kong

HKTA Hong Kong (Pagoda)
David Lam

Fly Pan Am to Hong Kong (Junk in harbour)

HKTA Hong Kong (Flats)
David Lam

HKTA Hong Kong (Bus)
David Lam

Northwest Orient - Hong Kong