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An Exhibition of Rare and Original Chinese Propaganda Posters 24 July - 16 August, 2014

Socialistic Innovations Striding in combat

Supporting Hong Kong's Comrades

Learn and Reinforce the Dictatorship of Proletariat

Supporting Hong Kong's Comrades

Hong Kong's Comrades stand united against British Imperialism

Hong Kong against British Rule

Embrace the Revolution, Enhance Production

Raise the flag of Mao's Thought and Go Forward Courageously

Long live the Great People's Liberation Army!

Be Alert - Protect the Great Country

Chairman Mao's China

Strongly Supporting Agriculture!

Criticise traitor Lin Biao

Glorious Victory, The People's Victory
Jin Ji Fa

A Single Spark can Start a Prairie Fire
Zhou Rui Zhuang

Praise the Long life for Chairman Mao

Study Hard & Make Progress Everyday

Train your Body for the Revolution

Adhere to Labour, Continue the Revolution

Songs for Spring

Dawn in the Motherland

Safe Transportation
Chen Zhing

All Citizens as Soldiers - Ready for War
Le Tan/ Siao Zheng Hu

No Food Wastage
Ma Le Chuan/ Huang Zhen Liang

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Paris Commune

Extensively Learn and apply The great thought of Mao

The Great Homeland's Airspace must not be Violated
Zheng Jia Wan/ Wang Gan Zuo

SS FengQing - 32,000 Nautical Miles
Pang Ka

The Working Class as Leaders (Vertical)

Hong Kong Handover - One Country, Two Systems
Wu Zhiang Feng

The Working Class as Leaders

Rain and Shine Brings New Seedlings
Chang Le Ping

Grasp the Principles
Li Guo Qing

Fear Neither Hardship Nor Death
Ji Lin

The Great Unity
Yang Jun Sheng

Be Alert, Protect the Country

Go for Study! Be a Civilised Citizen

Unite to Strive for Greater Success

Heart to Heart with Chairman Mao

Celebrate the Successful Opening...

Unite and Fight for Victory

Long Live Chairman Mao

Follow the Great Leader Mao & Make Progress

International Song - Thought and Political Education

Ready for War
Feng Zhi Xiang

Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the Establishment of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
Zheng Re Wen

Heart Towards Yan'An
Yi Yang

Forging Ahead Courageously While Following the Great Leader Chairman Mao!

Winter Night's Spring Breeze
Lu Yi Fei/ Zhang Gui Ming/ Chu Zhi Wen

Long Live Chairman Mao's Revolution

Chairman Mao is the Reddest Red Sun in the Hearts of the People in the World

Praise the Great, Glorious and Righteous Chinese Communist Party

Great Historic Victory
Xia Wenye, Li Dezhao

Fly High Chairman Mao's Great Flag
Lei Yin Gr

Be Alert - Protect the Great Country