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A World of Antique Maps 11 - 25 July, 2011
An online exhibition for sale of antiquarian maps with a particular focus on China, Hong Kong and East Asia.

Asia Noviter Delineata
Joan Blaeu

A Map of the East Indies and the Adjacent Countries
Herman Moll

Asia according to ye newest and most exact observation
Herman Moll

A New & Accurate Map of Asia
Emanuel Bowen

The East India Islands
Emanuel Bowen

Empire of the Great Mogul together with India on both sides of the Ganges
Emanuel Bowen

Carte des Indes et de la Chine
Guillaume De Lisle

India Orientalis et Insulae Adiecentes
Matthaus Merian

L'Asie divisee en les principaux Etats
Jan Janvier

W. & A.K. Johnston

Isole Filippine
Antonio Zatta

Birmah with part of Anam and Siam
Sidney Hall

L'Empire de la Chine avec La Tartarie Chinoise
Rigobert Bonne

Quantung Imperii Sinarum Provincia Duodecima
Joan Blaeu

L'Empire de la Chine
Rigobert Bonne

A New & Accurate Map of China
Emanuel Bowen

L'Empire de la Chine
Nicolas Bellin

Nouvelle Carte de L'Empire de la Chine
Isaac Tirion

Canton River and Adjacent Islands
Henry Colburn

Street Plan of the British and French Concessions at Shanghai
John Bartholomew

A.K. Johnston

Map of China compiled from original surveys and sketches
James Wyld

Plan of Central District, Hong Kong
Hong Kong Travel Association

Tourist & Hiking Map of Ping Chau
Menphy Li

Map of Hong Kong island
Harrison & Sons

Carte d’une partie des Cotes de la Chine et des Isles Adjacentes
J.B. D'Apres de Mannevillette

Street Plan of Central and Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

Map of Hong Kong island
J. Chailley-Bert

Map of the Colony of Hong Kong
Waterlow & Sons

K.I. Kipferling

A New Chart of the World on Mercator's Projection
John Cary

Essay d’une Carte Reduite contenant Les Parties Connuees du Globe Terrestre
Nicolas Bellin

A Map of the World with the Latest Discoveries
Rev John Blair