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The Travel Show 12 - 20 November, 2009
Opening Reception and Cocktail on
Thursday 12th November 2009 from 6pm to 9pm

The Exhibition will continue until Saturday 28th November

Gallery opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm

A selection of the posters from the exhibition can be viewed online.
An exhibition for sale of original vintage travel posters and pictorial maps from the 1920's to 1960's, including for the following destinations: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Laos, Burma, Malaya, Thailand, India, Japan as well as Europe, Africa and North America.

Pan Am - Clippers to the Orient

Air France - Orient - Extrme-Or...

Canadian Pacific Steamships - Fa...

Burma Railways

French Indo-China

Federated Malayan State Railways...

L'Indochine Franaise Laos Pagode

Lloyd Triestino - China

L'Union Franaise

Imperial Airways - Map of Empire...

India Pictorial Map

Philippine Airlines Route Map

Air France Black Sea Planisphere

Indochine Franaise

Air France Nova et Vetera

Air France - Paris-Tokio

Air France - Extremo Oriente

Air France - Far East

Air France - Far East

Air France - Amrique du Nord

Air France - Canada

Air France - Canada

Air France - Afrique Occidentale

Air France - Africa del Norte

Air France - Europe

Air France - Rome

Air France - Grand Bretagne

The Orient is Hong Kong

L'Extrme-Orient par les Message...

Messageries Maritimes - Inde, In...

Qantas - Japan

See India - Kedarnath Source of ...

Thailand - Fly by B.O.A.C.

London Underground - Twickenham ...

British Railways

British Raiways - Cheltenham Spa

Devon for Sunshine

French Railways - The French Riv...

Lamalou les Bains

Visitez La Bretagne

San Francisco via TWA