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The Essence of Life by Michael Yamashita 22 October - 5 November, 2009
The Exhibition is currently ongoing and will end on Saturday, 7th November 2009

Gallery opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm
Reknowned National Geographic photographer, Michael Yamashita presents a never previously exhibited collection of photographs which capture the very essence of life - images of trees and water through the seasons in the beauty of their untouched natural surroundings.

Spring - Omiya Bonsai

Spring - Into the Deep

Spring - Magical Green

Spring - Ripples

Sprint - Cascades

Spring - The Flow

Spring - Veil of Mist

Spring - The Lovers

Spring - Crescent Moonrise

Summer - Tumbling Water

Summer - Wind on the Water

Summer - Underwater Star

Summer - Before the Leap

Autumn - Red Leaf

Autumn - Floating Rock

Autumn Red

Autumn - Lofty Bamboo

Autumn Wind

Autumn - Golden Reeds

Autumn - Koi Pond

Winter - Snowy Hill

Winter - Mountain Top

Winter - Icy Twigs

Winter - Picket Fence

Winter - Red Crest

Winter - White Crest

Winter - The Line-up

Winter - Golden River