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The Art of the Poster 1 - 17 March, 2007
The Art of the Poster will open on Thursday 1st March with a cocktail reception, 6pm to 9pm The exhibition will continue until Saturday 17th March 2007. Gallery opening hours during this period will be Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm. Hong Kong’s only specialist vintage poster gallery, Picture This, will host The Art of the Poster from 1st to 17th March 2007. This exhibition and sale will display a wide range of original 20th century vintage posters. Highlights include posters by leading European poster artists including Leonetto Cappiello, Leon Dupin, Henri Le Monnier, Pierre Fix-Masseau, Bello Lotti, de Valerio and Razzia. These artists were commissioned to design advertising posters for a wide variety of products including food and drink, cars, motorcycles and bicycles, opera and theatre, beauty products, health remedies and many other purposes and examples of all of these posters are in the exhibition.

Maurin Quina
Leonetto Cappiello

Le Nil
Leonetto Cappiello

La Sirene
Leonetto Cappiello

La Chablisienne
Henri Le Monnier

Chateau Roubaud Vin Rose

Leon Dupin

Biere Phenix
Leon Dupin

The de Chine, Compagnie Coloniale

A Colussi (Italian biscuits)
M. Duse

Jacques & Pierre Bellenger

Jules Robin & Co., Cognac

Float with Coke

Bossard-Bonnel, Rennes
Bello Lotti


Cafe de Flore, Paris

PLM - Menton

TWA Hong Kong
David Klein

Swiss Air Japan

Pays Basque
Julio Garcia

UAT Aeromaritime

Air France

Air France
Roger de Valerio

Air France - Towards new skies

Pan Am - Rome by Clipper

Pan Am - Portugal and Spain by C...

Pan Am - To Mexico by Air

Pan Am - Wings over the Spanish ...

TWA New York
David Klein

Fabre Line Marseilles - New York
J. Tonelli

Fly BOAC - Great Britain
Dick Negus & Philip Sharland

American President Lines - Orien...

Cherbourg - Queen Mary II

Transatlantique, Compagnie Gener...
Roger Chapalet

Denmark - Danish State Railways

Cool Hand Luke

The Sound of Music

The World of Suzie Wong

Shanghai Gesture

Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

Star Wars - Return of the Jedi

Star Wars

Yellow Submarine


Jaws 2

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

2001: A Space Odyssey

Al Capone

Cycles Lea et Norma

Bandol - le casino municipal
Andre Bermond

Munich Olympics 1972, Sailing

Cozenot - Arquebusier (French Gu...
Jean A. Mercier

French Open - Roland Garros 1981

Davis Cup

Olympic Winter Games Lake Placid


1000km de Paris

Le Mans 1977 - Porsche

Morris 850


Porsche Mobil

A Kow

Louis Vuitton - Parc de Bagatelle

A Journey Through Time by Louis ...

Levi's - Go Rodeo!


Elva - Bicycle Gears
Martin Dupin


Camille Paris

Cigarettes Saphir

Grand Bon Marche
Gaston Ry

The Mikado

George - The Supreme Master of M...