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Harold de Puymorin

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Red Cabs (2013)

Harold de Puymorin

Limited Edition of 30
Archival Pigment Print
50cm x 33.5cm
Harold de Puymorin

Born in Toulouse in 1982, French photographer Harold de Puymorin was attracted to the arts from an early age. It was the birthday gift of a digital camera which opened up a new world for de Puymorin to discover new boundaries through the lens of his camera and this has enabled him to explore colours and shapes in visual art. Currently based in Hong Kong and working as a commercial photographer in parallel with his fine art photography, de Puymorin is passionate about urban and abstract photography to create his vision of the cities we live in.


In the Puppeteer series, de Puymorin plays with focus to achieve the tilt-shift effect in capturing urban Hong Kong. The colourful images depict a Hong Kong that has been miniaturized, as if the city is part of a playset, shrinking the bustling streets and the metropolitan jungle to a suspended moment. Strong contours in his photographic compositions magnify the perception of Hong Kong as a model and makes us wonder – how real is the city we live in?




Red Cabs

Stock No: HP001