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Matthieu Paley

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Qach Baig (2008)

Matthieu Paley

Limited edition of 30 print
Archival Pigment Print.
60cm x 40cm
That light in Wakhi homes, it's a gift. Large central opening on the roof, no windows, dark backdrop of soot, years of making open fire...and the ladies having a tea break in the middle of winter.
Matthieu Paley

Matthieu Paley has travelled all over the world on assignment for National Geographic magazine. Focusing his efforts on regions that are misrepresented, he is especially committed to issues relating to diminishing cultures and to the environment.

The recipient of numerous awards, Matthieu has published several books of his work and his fine art images have been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide.

Born in France, Matthieu spent three years studying photography in New York . Over the course of his 20 years’ career, he has learned 6 languages, feeding his passion to connect with the people he meets and helping to instill a sense of intimacy into his images.



Qach Baig

Stock No: MP411