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Dan Sweeney (1880-1958)

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Luggage Label - Astor House Hotel, Shanghai (1930's)

Dan Sweeney (1880-1958)

Offset printing
97mm x 148mm
Near Fine, crease at top left corner.
This is one of three Shanghai hotels owned by Hongkong & Shanghai Hotels which had a label designed by the great Dan Sweeney.


The Astor House Hotel was located near the confluence of the Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek in Shanghai from its establishment in the mid 19th century until it closed down in early 2018.

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Dan Sweeney

Born in Sacremento, California, Dan Sweeney (1880-1958) was an American illustrator best known for a series of luggage labels he designed for hotels in the Far East owned by Hong Kong & Shanghai Hotels in the late 1920s and 1930s. Luggage labels designed by Sweeney often incorporated careful and beautifully drawn images of the local people from the hotel destination, be it Hong Kong, Hanoi, Shanghai, Peking, or Manila.


Luggage labels by Sweeney are today highly sought after by collectors.



Luggage Label - Astor House Hotel, Shanghai

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