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Eleanor McColl

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Goat in Hong Kong (2015)

Eleanor McColl

Limited edition of 100 (Coloured Background)
Archival Pigment Print from Handcut Photo Collage.
13.5” x 9.5”
Eleanor McColl

Eleanor McColl is a British-born Hong Kong resident artist and photographer. In 2002, she established Chameleon Workshop, a specialist art school, although today her focus is primarily on her own artwork.

McColl uses her photography to create photomontage and collage works of art. Her previous collections included a range of hand-woven images created by cutting and slicing photographs into strips and weaving them together to form a new reality of sharp and blurred focus.

For her new series she has taken a different direction. Working with her own black and white photographic images of Hong Kong, she rough cuts or tears them and reforms the pieces into whimsical silhouettes of the Chinese Zodiac. Her simple and bold designs transform these traditional creatures into a fun and modern art form. Once more, McColl pushes the boundaries of how photography can be used as a creative tool for her art.



Goat in Hong Kong

Stock No: EM501C