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Touring the World - An Exhibition for Sale of Original Vintage Travel & Transportation Posters 10 September - 30 October, 2020
A collection of posters from all Six Continents.

This is an ONLINE ONLY Exhibition. All posters in the exhibition are immediately available for sale. Please email us for shipping details, payment methods and any additional description or condition reports. All posters will be sold on a "strict first - come first served" basis

Contact us at chris@picturethiscollection.com or via the Livechat button at the bottom of the website.

The East Asiatic Company Ltd - R...
Unknown Artist

Orient Calls - Oriental Tourist ...
Munetsugu Satomi (1904-1996)

Fastest to the Orient - Canadian...
James C. McKell (1884-1956)

The Orient from Seattle - Americ...
Unknown Artist

Air France Orient - Extreme Ori...
Lucien Boucher (1889-1971)

Bern Hill (1911-1977)

The Orient by Clipper - Pan Amer...
Charles Baskerville (1896-1994)

Escape to Summer in Winter with ...
Maurice Laban (1912-1970)

Far East - Fly there by B.O.A.C.
Unknown artist

Far East - B.O.A.C.
Unknown Artist

Messageries Maritimes - Marseill...
Jean des Gachons

Penang to Bangkok on Siamese Sta...
Gertrude Nutt (née Cowper, 1873...

JAPAN - Japanese Government Rail...
Unknown Artist

Singapore - Pan American, Worl...
Aaron Amspoker

Singapore - Japan Air Lines
Unknown photographer

Indonesia - Hindu Temples in Cen...
Victor J. Trip (1913-1975)

Indonesia - Bali, Island of a Th...
Victor J. Trip (1913-1975)

Singapore - American President L...
J. Clift

Hong Kong - American President L...
Unknown Artist

Manila - American President Line...
Unknown Artist

Bangkok - American President Lin...
J. Clift

Fly BEA - Faster to Europe
Roy Nockolds (1911-1979)

Scotland, Fly there by B.O.A.C.
Unknown Artist

Southern Railway - Royal Tunbrid...
Leonard Richmond (1889-1965)

Delta Airlines - London
Jack Wilcox

Ceremonial in Britain
Albert Brenet (1903-2005)

North Western Railway - Lahore X...
A.R. Acott

See India! Gersoppa Falls
Charles Shepherd (b. 1892)

Visit India - Udaipur
Unknown Artist

Inde, La Kanchenjunga pres de Da...
Sobha Singh

Air France - Inde
Bernard Villemot (1911-1989)

QANTAS - Manila - Australia's Ro...
Harry Rogers (1929-2012)

Philippines - Fly Northwest Orie...
Unknown Artist

JAPAN - Fly Northwest Orient Air...
Unknown Artist

Discover Japan - Fly JAL, Japan ...
Unknown Artist

Progress and Harmony for Mankind...
Yusaku Kamekura

Ireland, Fly Irish International...
Raymond Teague Cowern (1913-1986)

The "Rocket" by Mr Stephenson of...
E. McKnight Kauffer (1890-1954)

British European Airways - Fly B...

Isle of Man for Happy Holidays, ...
P. Chisholm

York (Stonegate) on the London a...
Frederick Taylor (1875-1963)

IRELAND - Irish International Ai...
Adolph Treidler (1886-1981)


George Goursat, (1863-1934)

Nice - Travail et Joie
Henri Matisse (1869-1954)

Air India Paris "Pssst Naughty P...
Unknown Artist

Pan Am Paris by Aaron Fine
Aaron Fine

Société Nationale des Chemins ...
Unknown Artist

France - Rhone-Alpes
Georges Mathieu (1921-2012)

Paris - SAS
Otto Nielsen (1916-2000)

Italian Aerial Lines
Umberto di Lazzaro (1898-1968)

Italy - The Ideal Land for all S...
Adolphe Mouron Cassandre (1901-1...

Air France - Rome

Rome - Fly TWA, "up up and away"
David Klein (1918-2005)

Winter Sports in Switzerland (Bo...
Unknown Photographer

Follow Me to Switzerland (Figure...
C. Brandt

Norway, Land of the Midnight Sun
Ivar Gull

Saimaa - Loveliest Finland
Paul Söderström & Göran Englund

Algérie via Port-Vendres

Africa - Fly TWA
David Klein (1918-2005)

Africa - SAS
Otto Nielsen (1916-2000)

Australia - Pan American, Worl...
Aaron Amspoker

Pan Am - Now Direct Service to S...
Jean Carlu (1900-1997)

Winter in Norway

Air India - Perth (Australia)
Unknown artist

Air France - Amérique du Nord
Luc Marie Bayle

TWA to and across America
Unknown artist

Fly by B.O.A.C. - U.S.A. and Can...
Maurice Laban (1912-1970)

American Airlines - San Francisco
Dong Kingman (1912-2000)

United Airlines, Los Angeles by ...
Stan Galli

Washington D.C. - Pan American, ...
Aaron Amspoker

Compagnie Générale Transatlant...
Edouard Collin (1906-1983)

Adolph Treidler (1886-1981)

Air France, Amérique du Sud
Victor Vasarely (1906-1997)

Air France, Paris - Mexico Direct
S. Prout

Air France - Réseau Aérien Pos...
Unknown artist

Fly Pan American to Hong Kong
Unknown photographer

FORMULE 1 - Hand SIGNED by the...
Pierre Fix-Masseau (1905-1994)

Fly to Scotland by B.O.A.C.
Frank Wootten (1911-1998)