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Revolutionary Fervour - An Exhibition of Vintage Original Chinese Propaganda Posters 22 January - 7 February, 2015
This exhibition for sale showcases vintage and original propaganda posters published by the Chinese government from the 1950s to 1990s. Propaganda posters were a critical and central tool used by the Chinese authorities in the second half of the 20th century to distribute messages, mobilise support and influence and guide the masses. The posters are most closely associated with the period of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966 to 1976) though they were widely used both before and after this period.

*Please note that all posters are immediately available for sale - please enquire if interested*

Uniting The People of the World, Defeat American Invaders and Their Running Dogs!

Celebrating the 70s with the Victory of Revolution and Production!

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Chinese Communist Party

Study Conscientiously for the Revolution, Use Theory for Practice

If The Enemy Does Not Surrender, He is to Be Destroyed

Celebrating the Establishment of Revolutionary Committee in Yunnan

Capture the Reactionary Revisionists and Expose them to the Public!

Learn the Skills and Protect the Country

Get into the Saddle, Strive to be the First

Maintain the tradition of Working together with the People

Resolutely, Thoroughly, Clearly, Completely Purge All Counter-Revolutionaries

Constructing the New Mountains of Socialism, Clearly, Completely Eliminate All Reactionaries!

On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People

Criticize Guang Tan - Huang Yongsheng

American Imperialism and Biological Warfare

Theatre Production - Storm of the Harbour

Be Alert, Protect the Country

Ten Thousand Miles of East Wind Sweeping Through Clouds

Compare Your Thoughts, Promote the Spirit of Communism!

Be Obedient to the Party, Follow the Party And Give your Heart to the Party

Patriotic Convention

Raise the Revolutionary Flag High

Camping and Field Training is Good

Pay Careful Attention to the Communist Policy

American Imperialism Will Be Defeated! The People of the World Will Certainly Win!

The Great Wall of China

Nanking Yangtze Bridge

Welcome the People's Volunteer Army

Strongly Condemn the British Imperialists for their Fascist Atrocities

Let the English Imperialists experience the Chinese working class' steel fists!

Have an Inquiring Mind

Uniting the people and the army and defend the border

Take part in sports, train your body for the revolution

Warmly Celebrating the establishment of the Revolutionary Committee of Jinggang Mountains Middle School!

The Glory Belongs to the Party

The Working Class Must Lead In Everything

We will Maintain the Glory of the Red Flag

Fear Neither Hardship nor Death

The whole of the Communist Party must focus on war, learn military knowledge and prepare to fight

In front of Tiananmen Square

Celebrate the Spring Fesitval with Joy and Pride

Viva World Peace!

Learn from the People's Liberation Army and Be Revolutionized

The Works of Chairman Mao is like the Sun

Uniting all Proletarian Revolutionaries and Seize power from the Capitalists

Warmly Celebrating the Establishment of Beijing's Revolutionary Committee

Comrade Deng Xiaoping Inspecting the Army Parade

The Red Lanterns

The Speech of Comrade Jiangqing on the Culture and Arts

Chairman Mao Has the Fullest Confidence in Chairman Hua

The Working Class always leads the School

Celebrating the Tenth National Congress of the Young Communist League of China

Criticize Lin and Confucius, Boost Industrial Production

Celebrating the Ninth National Congress

Follow the Great Leader Mao and March Forward Courageously

Tightly follow Chairman Mao's great strategic plan

Lead Everything with Mao's Thoughts

Build Agricultural Infrastructure, Fight to Popularize Dazhai

Never Forget the Past

Long live the great January Revolution!

Proletarian Revolutionaries Grasp the Political Power Firmly

Strongly Support Agriculture

Fly high the flag of Mao's thoughts, set off a new upsurge in revolutionary mass criticism

Cultural Revolution depends on Mao's Thoughts

The 3 July and 24 July proclamations are the Chairman Mao's Strategic Plans!

Long Live Chairman Mao. The Great Tutor, The Great Leader, The Great Commander,The Great Helmsman.

Unite with the Leadership of Chairman Mao

Following Chairman Mao - The World is Red

Hong Kong Handover - One Country, Two Systems
Wu Zhiang Feng

Conscientiously Study Marxistism and Reinforce the Dictatorship of Proletariat

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Sport Games

Long Live the Great, Glorious, Righteous Chinese Communist Party

The Song of Uniting Victory

Master Workers to the Podium
Chen Guangyao

The Chinese National Anthem: March of the Volunteers

The People's Commune is Great

Conscientiously study Mao Zedong Thought

The Sunny Yard is Filled with Morning Light

Yuan Long (Whaling)

We Will Not Attacked Unless Attacked. We Will Rise For Self-defense if Attacked
Gai Mingsheng

New look of the Mountain City