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Touring the World: An Exhibition of Vintage Travel Posters 5 - 28 September, 2013
An exhibition of Vintage Travel Posters at Picture This Gallery, 13th Floor, 9 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong Opening Reception and Cocktail on Thursday, 5th September 2013 from 6pm to 9pm The exhibition will continue until Saturday, 28th September
Hong Kong’s one and only specialist vintage poster gallery, Picture This, is pleased to present “Touring the World - An Exhibition of Vintage Travel Posters”. This exhibition for sale is a celebration of scarce, important and beautiful travel posters dating from 1920 to 1970.

TAI - Map of the World
Luc Marie Bayle

Air France - Vickers "Viscount"
Lucien Boucher

Air France - Le Plus Grand Reseau du Monde
Lucien Boucher

Air France - Celestial Map
Lucien Boucher

Air France - Nova et Vetera
Lucien Boucher

Air France - Sur les Ailes d'Air France
Lucien Boucher

Air France - Réseau Aérien Mondial
Lucien Boucher

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - Amsterdam to Batavia

Ceylon - Her Tea & Other Industries
MacDonald Gill

Indochine Française - Pictorial Map
Lucien Boucher

Pictorial Map - Bird's Eye View over Hangchow 杭州西湖全圖

The Dole Map of the Hawaiian Islands U.S.A.
Parker Edwards

Cairo - Egyptian State Railways
Frederick H. Coventry

Cie de Navigation Paquet
Max Ponty

Exposition Nationale Coloniale Marseille 1922
David Dellepiane

Messageries Maritimes - Marseille, Inde, Ceylan, Malaisie, Viet Nam
Yves des Gachons

Air France - Extrême Orient
G. Dumas

Fly by B.O.A.C. - Far East via Europe and India

Aigle Azur

French Indo-China
Ho Van Lai

Empire Marketing Board - Timber Stacking in Burma
Ba Nyan

The East Asiatic Company - Regular Passenger & Freight Service

Fly to Ceylon by B.O.A.C.
Frank Wootten

Japan - Scandinavian Airlines System

Air India - Australia: Fastest to Sydney via Bombay

Air India - Sydney (Mermaid)

Paris - Le Printemps en France
Raoul Dufy

Monte Carlo
Jean Gabriel Domergue

Côte d'Azur - SNCF
Herve Baille

Discover France by Train - The Alps

Cote D'Azur - SNCF
Roger Bezombes

Fly B.O.A.C. Britain
Aldo Cosomati

Route des Pyrénées - Le Col d'Aubisque et le Pic du Ger
Roger Soubie

Air France - Grande Bretagne
Lucien Boucher

Route des Pyrénées - Haute Vallée de l'Ariège
Roger Soubie

France - Sports D'Hiver
Bernard Villemot

France - Seaside Resorts
Bernard Villemot

Air France - SNCF - Colis Postaux Avion
Vincent Guerra

Air France - Canada
J.M. Nabrin

Air France - Paris.Mexico
Edmond Maurus

Cathay Pacific - Bangkok

Thai International - Royal Orchid Service

Fly to Hong Kong via Japan Air Lines - Excursion Boat, Mystic Dragon

The Orient is Hong Kong - Fleet of junks in Harbour

Pan Am - Hong Kong (Causeway Bay)

The Orient is Hong Kong - View from Kowloon
Dong Kingman

Fabulous Hong Kong
Miroslav Sasek

Fly Pan Am to Hong Kong (Junk)
Photograph by Kronfeld