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The Travel Show 11 - 22 September, 2007
Opening Reception and Cocktail on
Tuesday 11th September 2007 from 6pm to 9pm

The Exhibition will continue from Wednesday 12th to Saturday 22nd September

Gallery opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm

A selection of the posters in the exhibition can be viewed online.

Messageries Maritimes - Visit th...

Cathay Pacific Douglas DC-6B

S.S. President Wilson at Shanghai

The Orient is Hong Kong - Noon D...
Dong Kingman

BOAC - Hong Kong
Arnold Fujita

American President Lines - Hong ...

The Orient is Hong Kong
Miroslav Sasek

P & O Orient Lines - Hong Kong

The Orient is Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Canadian Pacific - Hong Kong

BOAC - Visit Hong Kong

Pan Am - Hong Kong

Hong Kong - S.S. President Wilson

Air France Orient - Extreme Orient
Lucien Boucher

Air France Orient- Extreme Orient
V. Guerra

BOAC - Far East

Fly BOAC to the Orient

BOAC - Fernen Osten
David Judd

Visit Java & Bali

See India
D. Newsome

BOAC Fly to India
Frank Wootton

BOAC - Japan
Frank Wootton

Pan Am - Bangkok

Cartograph of the Major Philippi...
Ruth Taylor White

Tourist Thailand


See Ceylon
G.S. Fernando

Ceylon - Land of Song and Dance
G.S. Fernando

American President Lines - Singa...
J. Clift

Malaya - Pictorial map
J. R. Charlton

Civil Air Transport - Korea

See Pakistan - Visit Chittagong

The Wonder Isles of Colour - Jav...

The Wonder Isles of Colour - Jav...

Championnat du Monde 1946

Paul Colin

Canadian National Railway - Jasp...

Les Messageries Maritimes - Font...
Sandy Hook

Pam Am to Australia

New Zealand Pictorial Map

Air France - Afrique du Nord

Air France - Planisphere
Lucien Boucher