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Red & Jade by Lorette Roberts by Lorette Roberts 9 - 20 October, 2007
The Exhibition will be held at Picture This, 6th Floor, Nine Queen's Road Central.

Lorette Roberts will attend the Opening Reception and Cocktail on Tuesday 9th October 2007 from 6pm to 9pm.

The Exhibition will continue from Wednesday 10th to Saturday 20th October.

Gallery opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 6pm

Red and Jade

Pawn Shop

Red and Jade Dragons

Red Lantern

Jade Market Sketches

Butterfly Lock

Opposites Attract

Nine Chinese Dragons

Black Door

Sai Kung Temple

Fishing Boat at Anchor

Rowing Boat

Red Sampan



Dim Sim

Banana Stall

Dim Sim Sketches

Egg Stall

Sai Kung Fruit Stall

Temple Door

Weird & Wonderful Animals

The Dragon

Sampan Queen