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Unity in Diversity - Clare Ashford by Clare Ashford 15 - 24 June, 2006
Opening Reception & Cocktail: Thursday 15th June, 6pm to 9pm

The Exhibition will continue from Friday 16th to Saturday 24th June.

'Unity in Diversity', Clare Ashford's second major solo exhibition, follows her hugely successful debut exhibition at Picture This Gallery in June 2005.

Unity in Diversity has allowed the artist to explore both the precise details of her oil paintings and the fluid results of her watercolours.

Clare Ashford summarises it with these words: As I strive to create my own individual and distinct mark as an artist, it is inevitable that each painting is fundamentally from the same place. By showing different media side by side, you can see that there is unity in diversity

Clare is a British born artist and long time Hong Kong resident. She was a finalist at the 2005 Sovereign Asian Art Prize.

The Sand Diggers - Goa

It's Hot in Here - Hong Kong

My Home in Hong Kong

Twilight - Goa

Spring on Kunming Lake

Whatever the Weather

Buddah's Birthday, Po Lin - Hong...

Moon Gate, Po Lin - Hong Kong

Sunny Day

Ceremonial Hat


Incense Burners, Po Lin - Hong K...

Dancing Dragon, Hong Kong

Bun Festival, Cheung Chau

Race Day, Hong Kong

Mid-Autumn Festival

Peach Blossoms

Juicy Watermelon, Hong Kong

Green Kimono, Kyoto

Ombre Parasol, Kyoto

Rose Kimono, Kyoto

Tasselled Parasols, Kyoto

Precious Cargo, Kyoto

Archers, Kyoto

Procession - Bali

Offerings on the Beach - Bali

Sunset over Tanah Lot

After School


Rice Terraces

Morning Prayer, Angkor

Blue Lotus


Fish and Lotus

Red Lotus Bowl