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home / EXHIBITIONS / 2005 / Sketches of Stanley -
Hong Kong's Southside from Aberdeen to Shek O

Sketches of Stanley -
Hong Kong's Southside from Aberdeen to Shek O
by Lorette Roberts 19 - 29 October, 2005
Opening Reception and Cocktail - 18th October from 6pm to 9pm.

Lorette Roberts will attend the Opening Reception

Bird's Eye View from Peak Road -...

Aerial View of Repulse Bay

Early Morning in Aberdeen Harbour

Walking in Tai Tam Country Park

The Repulse Bay

Paddling to the Drumbeat

Middle Island

Animal Kingdom

Dragon Boat

Course Markers for Dragon Boat R...

Sampan Storage

Around The Repulse Bay

The Repulse Bay Nursery

View across Tai Tam Harbour

Shek O Post Boxes

Stanley Banyan trees

Garden in Stanley

At home in Stanley

Stanley Market

The Jumbo Floating Restaurant, A...

View towards Shek O


Orange Letterbox

A Row of Letterboxes

Relaxing Deck Chairs

Blue Door

Red Door

Red Letterboxes

Cleaning Up

Boats in Tai Tam Harbour

Sketches around the Verandah Res...

Stanley Buildings I

Stanley Buildings II

Under the Hong Kong Bank Building

Government House, Central

Doors & windows around Hong Kong

Shek O

Southside Clubs

Sketches around Aberdeen Harbour

Southside Shopping

Village Houses and Gardens


Seaview Promenade